Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Tuesday 10th April 2012
Linen Heart Cards

I am pleased to have finished these Linen Heart Cards, it's always nice to get to the 'putting in the bag stage'. They are a simple design but surprisingly time consuming..quite a lot of sewing. I have got really short of cards I need to make at least 150 of different designs to get back on top of them, been too busy eating chocolate lately! and before Easter getting on top of the garden while the weather was so lovely. It is a really sunny morning here and the grass is long and beckoning but I must get busy with carding and a bit of ironing I suppose.

Bye for now....Jan


Sarah S. said...

Ha!....didn't see any evidence of ironing when I popped in a few minutes ago!!!. BTW, your cards look lovely, as always.

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